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Day Lewis Construction specializes in the construction of new homes & home additions, with our location in Boksburg on the East Rand. Along with significant level of its own capital, Day Lewis Construction hopes to make a successful effort to secure financing to expand and continue operations. Day Lewis Construction is a start up construction firm that are managed by the members which has vast experience in administration, marketing, sales, and finance.

Strong contact relationships and referral networks among commercial construction company owners and the domestic market are in place and allows sustainability in this market. We understand and apply metallurgical theories to enhance the construction of new homes & additions through the use of quality materials and workmanship, competitive pricing and a commitment to delivery deadlines.

Excellent service, from the time you contact us through to the date of your delivery, ensures that your orders are complete on time. This dependably makes it easier for you to plan.
With the aid of the latest techniques and metallurgy, our staff will provide you with an affordable home or home addition of superior quality completed on time.

The members and the general manager, brings to the company a large degree of experience in the construction industry.
Day Lewis Construction perceives an opportunity to acquire a significant amount of market share by focusing on the specific needs of the domestic construction industry and by providing greater precision controls to their products than other competitors.

Day Lewis Construction conducts its operations at its location to meet an ever-growing level of demand for new homes or home additions. The company�s product offering includes swimming pools, rock swimming pools, beach swimming pools, thatching, brick work, paving, painting, bathroom & kitchen renovations. These are some of our products and are very popular among the domestic construction companies because of their versatility and accurate control capabilities.

Customers who purchase such products require reliability, rapid service, and versatility for a variety of anticipated and unanticipated uses. Customers are influenced by reputation and cost, since products purchases can be the most significant portion of the customer's long-term assets.

Day Lewis Construction is unique on its own due to high skills level requirements required for the construction & designing of homes.
Day Lewis Construction�s aims to offer high quality construction work for the commercial construction industry, as well as the domestic market at a price which are competitive in comparison to other construction companies in the market

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